Beyond The Dunes

Your passport for experiencing the UAE's dunes

Beyond the Dunes is a bespoke leisure and adventure Company providing luxurious, individually-tailored journeys into the desert: for couples, intimate groups, small parties, right through to large events.  From celebratory events, corporate meetings, team building, and concerts Beyond the Dunes brings each guest's imagination to life.

A team of experienced safari consultants work with each guest to plan and book a life-changing experience, whether they are first time or returning travelers.

Beyond the Dunes more than just a safari


Arabian Dune Experience:The desert is a magical place and it's beauty lies in how well it hides. The serenely and life you feel in a place that seems so dead is what makes the desert as enchanting. The Arabian Dune experience is your ticket to the entry of this realm through a gentle drive with strategic stops arriving to a traditional Bedouin private camp with a wide variety of entertainment that you can customize to enhance this experience. (Package and entertainment options on the ratecard).

Sunset-Sunrise Experience: parking on top of the highest dune gives the sensation of being on top top of the world, and the only way to ever experience this sensation is by seeing the exquisite hot pinks, reds and even hints of purples and blues mixes of colors unique to the breathtaking sunrise and sunset in the desert.


Stargazing Experience: with the every growing pollution and air dust, it makes difficult yet impossible to see a a clear sky in our modern days. The desert sky is immune to the haziness of the city. Stargazing experience is an opportunity to count and spot your stars while lying on the sand feeling it's energy re-charging you body

Camel Ride Experience: An animal of the desert built for endurance that walks with grace and agility making you feel hypnotized by its steady motion

Camping Experience: Camp in luxury tents or under the gaze of the stars in sleeping bags, your private camp is complete with gorgeous carpets, hurricane lanterns, cushions and the imagination of your guide's story telling

Harley Davidson Motor Touring Experience: four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul


  • Exquisite private dining
  • Birthdays
  • High Holidays
  • Celebrations
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Concerts
  • Intimate marriage proposals
  • Overnight camp


+971 50 9446444

Rate Card

Basic Package:
Minimum 3,000 AED per Car Additional cost for entertainment options

  • Pick up at 5pm by exclusive 4x4 (Dubai location)
  • 45 minute drive to our desert location where we will stop to deflate tires and final safety check
  • Gentle dune drive
  • Sunset View and Sand boarding
  • Choose dinner location according to weather conditions in private desert location
  • Set up camp, candles, carpets for dinner
  • BBQ meat and Arabic Mezzah for dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • 1 bottle of complimentary wine

Entertainment Options:

Arabic Belly Dancing
5,500 AED
Live Arabian music and instruments
(Oud Player)
Fortune teller
Falcon Show
Camel Riding
Fire dancers
DJ and equipment
Traditional tanoura dancer
Horse dancers
Camera & Photographer
Overnight stay
3,500 AED
3,000 AED
7,500 AED
2,500 AED
9,000 AED
18,000 AED
3,500 AED
3,500 AED
3,500 AED
4,000 AED